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MAM USA pacifiers 6+ months are ideal for babies 6 months and older and the best baby pacifier for breastfed babies. Their SkinSoft™nipples are perfectly sized for babies 6 months and older and are designed with parents and medical experts to closely resemble the breast for easy acceptance and a natural feel. In fact, 94%* ofbabies accept the MAM USA SkinSoft™ nipple! Both parents and babies can relax with MAM USA pacifiers since they are specially designed to comfort baby while promoting proper oral development. *Market research 2009-2017 with 1,508 babies.

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  • GLOWS IN THE DARK: One pacifier glows softly so pacifiers can easily be found at night without turning on lights and disturbing sleep.
  • CALMS & SOOTHES BABIES 6+ MONTHS: Our MAM USA pacifier nipple is designed by parents and medical experts to feel like a mother's breast to relax babies 6 months and older.
  • ALWAYS RIGHT-SIDE UP: Symmetrical nipple so pacifier can never be inserted the wrong way. Other pacifiers (NUK® pacifier, Dr. Brown's pacifier, Playtex pacifier) with asymmetrical nipples need to be manually adjusted by parents to soothe baby and can negatively affect oral development when positioned incorrectly.
  • DESIGNED TO PREVENT SKIN IRRITATION: MAM USA pacifiers feature large air holes to allow air to reach the baby's skin to reduce irritation. Curved shield and innovative bumps on the inner shield surface prevent the pacifier from laying completely flush to the baby's face, keeping drool from becoming trapped against the skin.
  • PREMIUM EUROPEAN MATERIALS: Made in Europe from high quality, 100% baby'safe BPA & BPS free materials. MAM USA pacifiers and all MAM USA products meet or exceed both U.S. & European safety standards.




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